Give Kids Your Instruments

8 Aug

Check out the awesome work happening in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood, as aspiring young musicians are provided musical instruments, instruction, and outlets to record and perform.

These kids rock, literally!

Visit Give Kids Your Instruments website:

Read a great article written by Emily Wilder about Give Kids Your Instruments:

How It Works

Step One: Find Instruments

We collect instruments from people, institutions and companies. We’ve met people who bought a keyboard that they intended to learn, but it ended up collecting dust in their closet.  We find avid musicians who have four guitars, but only need three. We reach out to schools and universities with surplus violins and not enough students to play them. We speak to repair shops that have extra instruments they can’t sell. We use social media, partnerships and online outreach to find and introduce people to this simple way of giving.

Step Two: Give Instruments to Kids Who Will Play Them

Currently, through the work we’re doing with kids in our neighborhood here in Bed-Stuy, we know a number of kids who are anxious to have instruments of their own. At the same time, we create relationships with other organizations where we consistently find kids who are actively interested in, or already learning, to play.

We are always open to kids and parents who are looking for instruments. If you, or someone you know, would be a good candidate to receive an instrument, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Step Three: Help Kids Cultivate Creative Relationships With Their Instruments

While we encourage anyone who wants to work towards serious study of their instrument, our first priority is to help kids establish a creative and curiosity-driven relationship with music. We want kids to gain confidence that they can create fun and engaging music, even if they don’t know traditional technique or music theory. This is accomplished by encouraging kids to explore their immediate musical instincts, largely using improvisational exercises in an environment that fosters unrestricted musical exploration free of ideas like “right notes” and “wrong notes.” This can encourage a lasting interest in music, knowing that even as they begin studying more structured technique, they already do, and will always have, access to an innate ability to create music.

We are currently developing a program to conduct regular workshops where kids can get help becoming acquainted with their instruments and take the first steps towards exploring the creative possibilities that lies in their hands. These workshops will also give kids a chance to experience the thrill of playing music with others.  At the same time, we are in the process of creating relationships and collaborations with music teachers and organizations in the Brooklyn area.

Step Four: Providing Musical Education Resources

Through our efforts to place instruments into the hands of kids, we are always forging relationships with foundations, schools and individuals who provide affordable music education.  When we give an instrument to a kid, we also introduce kids and their families to these local resources.  Musical education can lead to college scholarships, lifelong involvement in music and an appreciation of the profound wealth of music history in their area – the roots of their community, and themselves.


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