Dr. Altovise Gipson-Colon, TC Minority Postdoctoral Fellow, to speak in Milbank Chapel, Tuesday November 5th

1 Nov

Spaces of Inspiration, Affirmation, and Resistance: African American Music Teachers’ Expereinces and Perceptions of Being a Teacher

The experiences and perspectives of music teachers of color should be included and validated as being an integral part of understanding what it means to be a music teacher.  Many current practices for preparing and developing music educators are implemented within a framework that is deceptively considered to be culturally neutral.

This talk will focus on the narratives of three African-American music teachers and the racially and artistically inclusive spaces that have informed their thinking on what it means to be an educator.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013
5:10pm, Milbank Chapel
Teachers College, New York City

Altovise Gipson-Colon, Teachers College, Columbia University Minority Postdoctoral Fellow, earned her Ph.D. in Urban Education with a certificate in Africana Studies from The Graduate Center, City University of New York.  She received a master of music degree from Northwestern University and a bachelor of music education degree from Florida State University.  Prior to completing her Ph.D., Dr. Gipson-Colon was a middle and high school music teacher in New Jersey and has also served as an adjunct instructor in the education department at The College of Staten Island, CUNY.  Her research focuses on the ways in which African-American music educators’ perceptions about being a teacher are informed through sustained engagement within racially inclusive music learning and teaching spaces.  Currently, Dr. Gipson-Colon’s research examines the interpretations of racially inclusive music spaces among Teachers College graduate students and analyzes how they construct, negotiate, and navigate their understandings of what it means to be a teacher.


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