Spring 2014 elective courses with Dr. Goffi-Fynn

4 Dec

Choral Pedagogy (A&HM 4023) for 2 or 3 points

Everyone CAN sing!

In this practice-based course, we will be continuing our work (for those who have already taken vocal pedagogy – recommended but not required) in engaging singers and their voices in various ensembles in a constructivist setting. We’ll cover young voices and changing voices with practical applications either at TCCS (Teachers College Community School) and/or Every Voice Choir. In addition, we’ll be developing our own choir either with students in the class or through recruitment in the community. Vocal development, repertoire choice, rehearsal strategies and performance will all be addressed. Course meeting time is scheduled Tuesdays 3-4:40.


Internship (A&HM 6481) for 3 points online

In this course, you will develop your own internship experience in a music classroom in higher education. Required for EDDCT students without classroom experience, this opportunity is open to all interested participants. Literature will be used to illustrate issues at hand and texts for the course include What the Best College Teachers Do (Bain) and Learner-Centered Teaching (Weiner). For those already teaching, this is an opportunity to reflect on your own classroom teaching or prepare for a new course offering. There will be weekly postings and discussions online. Sample internships in the NYC area have included Chamber Music with Ken Cooper at MSM, Music History at NYU, Music Appreciation at Columbia/Barnard, and Brass Methods at LIU.

For more information regarding either course, please contact Jeanne Goffi-Fynn at jcg21@columbia.edu


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