Designing Musical Experiences For Children

17 Feb

Call for Participants: Preschool Music Makers!

  • Preschoolers (3 and 4 years old) are invited to participate in a 10-week music class facilitated by Dr. Patricia St. John. (Parents/caregivers are welcome, but one-on-one adult interaction is not required.) This class is part of a fieldwork component for the course, Designing Musical Experiences for Children (A & HM 4021). Graduate students enrolled in A & HM 4021 will observe children‘s musical engagement during each session. In an effort to foster confidence, build relationships and encourage children’s engagement and interactions over time, participants are asked to commit to each of the 10 sessions. The sessions are offered free of charge in return for your commitment.
  • Activities include singing, instrument-play, and movement. The children’s active music-making is framed in a dramatic narrative generated by child interests and prompted from the children’s free-play with instruments. Activities are both child-centered and teacher guided.
  • The class will meet every Tuesday beginning February 25th from 5-5:45pm in Horace Mann 519. Sessions will conclude on May 7th.


You may enroll your child for this exciting opportunity for collective music-making via e-mail ( by Friday, February 21st. Please include the following information:

  • Parent’s Name, E-mail and Phone Number
  • Child’s Name and Age (years + months, e.g., 3.8 years old)
  • What are your child’s interests? What does s/he talk about?
  • Do you play recorded music at home? (If yes, what kind of music?)
  • Does your child have musical preferences, a favorite CD or recording artist?
  • Anything else you would like me to know about your child?

Please contact the following contacts with any questions. Number of participants will be limited to ten children.

Dan Fagen, Course TA


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