Action Arts Camp, August 4th to 15th

25 Jun

Teachers College is proud to host the 2014 Action Arts Summer Camp for children ages 5-13. The camp runs from Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm, August 4th to 15th. Each day, campers join arts education professionals to engage in hands-on discovery in music, art, dance, drama, and play writing. Through the use of a developmentally appropriate curriculum, campers use inquiry methods to support the process, discover tools and participate in cooperative decision making. The program cultivates freedom, awareness and expression while nurturing children’s independent voices.

The camp also promotes multicultural self-expression, listening, composing, moving, dancing, drawing and creating all through the use of encouraging motivation. A typical day at the camp includes integrated emphasis on art, music and dance programs, story time, outdoor and indoor free play, snack time and water play. Instructors at the Action Arts Summer Camp are experienced professionals and artists who are or have been part of Teachers College Art, Music, Dance, or English programs. They are adept at working with all children and accommodating various abilities.

To view the downloadable brochure please visit the following link:


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