TC student named first runner-up for New York State Teacher of the Year

1 Oct

Doctoral student Christopher Mangum was named First runner-up for New York State Teacher of the Year for 2015. He is an active and vocal advocate for arts in public education and serves as the music department chair at the Long Island High School for the Arts where he teaches music technology, film scoring, music theory, music history, and engineering design.

(Chris Mangum inspiring students through sound)

As an Emmy Award-winning composer for film and television, Mangum came to TC’s Music and Education department in 2008 to transition to a career as a teacher. He completed his M.A. in Music and Education and subsequently worked toward an Ed.M. degree in the Philosophy and Education Department. Mangum credits both programs with giving him the foundation and vision for what his teaching philosophy and practice looks like today. “My education at TC has not only given me the tools to build a progressive and alternative music program in a public school setting, but it has also empowered me to advocate for the importance and relevance of music and arts education in public schools,” Mangum said.

Mangum’s research interests include exploring possible roles of music technology in STEAM education and the philosophy of aesthetic education. He has served for many years as a TA for A&HM 4029 & 5029 (New Technologies in Music Education) and is currently serving as a cooperating teacher in the Student Teaching program.


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