ALAS 13th Annual Conference, April 23rd

20 Apr

ALAS Conference Flyer HIGH


Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided, in addition to a closing reception with Latin Jazz!
At a time with increasing digital innovations, new technologies and a growing creative economic sector, this conference seeks to explore different approaches to creativity and its impact from the personal realm and the communitarian dimension to the micro and macro economic impact. Moreover, the conference seeks to shed light on how creativity aids in the development of meaningful initiatives contributing to social, cultural and economic growth across the Americas.

The conference aims to address the following questions: How do we nurture creativity in the education system? How can civil society and government use culture as a tool for social transformation? What is the social and economic impact of creative industry in Latin America?

The three panels of the conference are: Education and CreativityCulture, Politics and Civil Society; and Creative Industries in Latin America. With an additional section, New Windows, featuring the work of young professionals selected through our call for proposals. The conference will start with an opening presentation of Dr. Michael Alan Hanchett Hanson (Columbia University) followed by the presentation of leading scholars and professionals, including Felipe Buitrago (Inter-American Development Bank); Mauricio Delfín (McGill University); Graciela Montaldo (Columbia University); Arlene Davila (New York University); Juan Piñón (New York University); Erick Gordon (Columbia University); María Eugenia Lozano (Columbia University) and Richard Peña (Columbia University). Speakers for the New Windows section include Oscar Ardila, Bruna Fetter, Raimundo Larraín, Andrea López, David González Tolosa and Mariana Vergara.
For more information, please visit the ALAS website.
Click here to RSVP.

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