Get Involved: Pivot Music Practice App

8 May

Help develop the Pivot Music Practice App!

The Pivot Music Practice App is designed to improve practice habits by breaking through the wall that has always separated the teacher from the student’s at-home practice space. The application works by capitalizing on the motivational influence that brings most kids to their instrument the day before their lesson by inserting that influence into every day of the week and by channeling it into a simple and effective spot practice game.




The application is actually two interconnected apps – the Student Portal brings students practicing at home into a gamified progression of tempo-tiered spot-practice challenges, while the Teacher Portal gives teachers at-a-glance, real-time information about their students’ practice behavior, including duration and frequency of practice, which spots have been practiced and how much progress has been made, and, most importantly, short audio files from the students’ tempo challenges. In seconds the teacher can see where each of her students stand, and in just a couple minutes she can hear exactly how they are progressing. Messaging features allow for support, encouragement or clarification, and personalized alerts allow teachers to easily keep track of multiple students at a time. The application is not content driven, has no evaluative features, and the spot-practice challenges can be creatively adapted, leaving the content, teaching style and evaluation where it belongs – in the hands of the teacher.


We are looking for private music teachers who would be interested in working alongside our development team to test a prototype of the Pivot App. If you are a music educator who has a passion for problem solving we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to with “Pivot Dev Team” in the subject line.


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