9 Sep


Good Morning Colleagues,

* Are you looking for Professional Development in Music Education this school year?

* Are you a classroom music or choral teacher looking for fresh and pedagogically practical ideas to increase and enhance your creative skills?

* Do you need PD to put toward your 175 required hours?

* Are you looking for graduate or In-Service credits to put toward your lane movement for salary increase?

* Are you a secondary music educator or instrumental director who has recently been reassigned to teach elementary general music or chorus, looking for great resources that will ensure success in the classroom?

* Are you looking for additional artifacts and professional organizations for your year-end APPR portfolio?
If so, please consider joining LIAOSA, the Long Island Chapter of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association. LIAOSA is a local non-profit organization for music educators. We offer 7 workshops each year, allowing opportunities for you to learn from master teachers, network with local colleagues, and re-invigorate your teaching! We invite you to join us for an experience that will benefit both you and your students.
Package Membership ($85 on or prior to September 18) includes all 7 workshops. You may also attend single workshops for a $25 per workshop fee.
There are many benefits to becoming a package member of LIAOSA, including:

* Admission to all 7 workshops

* Opportunities to apply for a scholarship toward Orff Teacher Education Levels courses offered at Hofstra University each summer

* Access to a comprehensive video library

* Ability to rent mallet and also non-pitched percussion instruments for use in your classroom between workshops

* Workshop Notes and Handouts provided for all workshops – even if you didn’t attend

* Opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from master teachers

* PD and In-Service Hours

* Excellent artifacts for APPR portfolio
Please click the links below for membership and workshop information:

Click here for the 2015-2016 LIAOSA Newsletter

Click here for the 2015-2016 LIAOSA Membership Form

Click Here for LIAOSA Graduate Credit Form

Click here for LIAOSA Instrument Lending Form

Click here for Hofstra NAB Map for LIAOSA Workshops


LIAOSA 2015-2016 Saturday Workshops
Hofstra University
“The Rhythm is Gonna Get You…To Orff!”

September 19, 2015
Billy Ferguson
“Everyday Orff for Everyday Teachers”

October 17, 2015
Paul Corbiere
“World Music Drumming: Applications for the Elementary Music Classroom”

December 5, 2015
Naomi Katz Cohen
“Beyond Ta and Ti Ti: Exploring Kodály”

January 23, 2016
Jeff Rhone
“Lost and Hidden Meanings in Children’s Folksongs”

February 6, 2016
Sharing Session
“Singing, Saying, Dancing, Playing”

March 12, 2016
Kris Olsen
“Movin’ On Up”

April 9, 2016
Sue Mueller
“Orff-Schulwerk: A Creative Community”

For detailed workshop descriptions, please click the link below:
Click here for the 2015-2016 LIAOSA Newsletter

Hofstra Movement Orff 1

♫ All 7 workshops are included in a package membership.

♫ Newcomers and people with Orff-Schulwerk experience are welcome!

♫ Workshops may be taken for In-Service or graduate credit.

♫ For more information, call Christina Schaefer, LIAOSA Vice-President at 631-858-7958

♫ Visit the LIAOSA website at:


Thank you for your interest in LIAOSA. We wish you all the best of luck as you begin the 2015-2016 school year.

Thank You,
Craig Knapp
LIAOSA Membership Chairperson


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