Can I store an instrument at Teachers College?

The short answer, is yes. If you are seeking to, or already, storing any personal property in room 515L, please use the red ribbons or stickers on the clipboard by the door to label your property. We will use blue ribbon or silver stickers to identify instruments or equipment that belongs to Teachers College. We are trying to assure that personal property does not leave 515L without the owner’s knowledge. PLEASE DO NOT store your personal property in your practice room. Additionally, please be sure to write down your name and the instrument you are storing, along with the dates of storage, on the front page of the clipboard.


Where can I find classroom schedules?

Click the following link to view and request rooms for course work and applied lessons. All other requests must have a faculty sponsor:



FAQs for Student Instructors

Can I teach this term?

You must be enrolled in at least one course this term and you must have completed A&HM 6023.

When will I get my student assignments?

Dr. Goffi-Fynn will begin making student assignments until September 15th which is the last day to sign up for lessons.All student assignments are contingent upon enrollment. The numbers of students enrolled each term can vary as will the types of instruments requested.

How can I reserve a room for my lessons?

After registration is closed you will receive an email with your final roster, payment information, and instructions on how to sign out rooms.  Expect this email on or before September 22nd.


Need a tune up?

If you notice a piano is out of tune, leave a note in the key drop box (black box outside the Music Office 520A HM) stating the problem and location of the piano.


What about additional resources for distance learning Doctoral Students?

Do you live far away from TC? Are you finding your transportation and/or mailing costs overwhelming?

Is there really a need to come to Teachers College only to put a copy of your draft in your sponsor’s mailbox? Are you just too busy juggling kids, job, and other responsibilities?

Let TC’s Document Services take care of the legwork for you. At any stage in the dissertation process, from proposal to the very end, we can print your drafts or final copies out and have them delivered to your faculty member.

Location: 34 Zankel Building

Phone: 212-678-3703
Email: duplicating@tc.columbia.edu


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